Who We Are:

What makes us a valuable supplier and partner to our customer, is that we strive to embody the same values and goals our customer does. That goal is to create an energetic team that strives for advancement through a strong commitment to be the company of choice in an ever-growing world.

For as long as we have been in business, practices that promote continuous improvement and respect for people have been pivotal in the success of our customer. We are committed to our community and consistently give back through donations, volunteer work, and special events.

These same ideals have been proven to help us grow and appreciate our work and each other. As such, we strive to attract and hire people that live by the same standards.

What We Do:

Vuteq Indiana is an on-site, just in time supplier for Toyota Motor Manufacturing of Indiana. Becoming their first on-site supplier in 2001, we have been a proud partner of TMMI's for over 20 years through our commercial production contracts and logistics services. Providing value added assembly for the Highlander and Sienna instrument panel (dashboard), headliner, consoles, and much more. We currently employ nearly 700 employees. Those employees are split between our 280,000 square foot facility on campus and under roof at the Toyota facility.

Safety is the Doorway to Everything.

Safety is ...The doorway to all production and customer service,
The doorway to a cheerful household and happiness,
The doorway to growth and our future.

General Information:

Location: 819 E. 350 South, Princeton, IN 47670

  • Please Park In lot in front of the building.
  • Follow all arrows to park correctly
  • Come to the turn styles at the front and press the doorbell located on the brick column.
  • You will announce your name and the reason for your visit.
  • Once allowed in, come inside the doors marked office and sign into our guest book.
  • From there someone will guide you on where to go.

Contact Info:

Email: VuteqHR@VuteqUSA.com
Phone: 812-385-2584

Extension List
Call in: 200
Plant information: 411
Payroll: 111
AR/AP: 119
Fax: TBA

Business Hours: 8:00am -5:00pm CST

Blue: 6:30am-3:15pm CST
Gold: 7:15pm-4:00am CST
Not including Possible Overtime

Environmental Policy:

Vuteq is committed to continual improvement through prevention and reduction of pollution at its Princeton facility. By Formalizing the setting and review of environmental objectives and targets, we commit to comply with relevant legislation, regulations, and other requirements the organization subscribes. We support our Environmental Management systems policy by documenting, implementing, maintaining and communicating openly with all stakeholders.