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Our Production Contract business is conducted by undertaking specific processes for manufacturing, processing and providing parts to be performed in our customer’s factory. This business was started for the purpose of responding to the customer’s request, and now we are working for AGC in charge of processing and assembling of glass parts used in automobiles, liquid crystal displays, and houses, and for Toyota Motor in charge of supplying parts to production lines. In the company’s overseas factories, we receive and sort parts supplied by suppliers and provide them to production lines. In addition, we are also in charge of assembling instrument panels, which is called a “brain of car”. Thus, as a proof of high reliability from the automaker, the Vuteq Group plays an integral role in their production activities.
Our work in the customer’s factory is not a simple task, but we are greatly contributing to the customer’s productivity increase through realistic and lean management by streamlining the parts assembly and supply processes, as well as properly managing the information on work progress, stock status, etc. for optimization of the customer’s production process.


The Logistics Business, which is the root of the Vuteq Group and greatly contributes to the group’s all business activities, is based on a wide distribution network covering areas from Tohoku to Kyushu, as well as more than 1,000 units of vehicles designed for various applications. For automobile parts transportation, which is the Group’s main business, we manufacture, process and assemble those parts in the vicinity of customers to support their just-in-time delivery.

For transportation of energy sources such as petroleum, gasoline, LP gas, etc. which require special attention to safety, we aim at “No. 1 in logistics quality” by enhancing employee training and education concerning dangerous material transportation and by establishing a safety assurance system based on the safety standard manual, which are highly evaluated by our customers.

Our logistics business covers not only transportation of steel and steel sheets, but also operation of heavy machinery at construction sites. Our “service spirit to satisfy the needs of customers” nurtured in this logistics business breathes into the group-wide activities.

Safety & Quality

In order to improve the quality of products and services provided to customers, we believe it is necessary to ensure safe and healthy working environment with comfort and affluence for individual employees. Therefore, we are also promoting activities for that purpose throughout the group.


For the automotive glass, we produce almost all glass assemblies, including front window, roof, front door, rear door, side window, rear window and extra window. At our 12 domestic production bases and overseas bases, we have contributed to the customers’ productivity increase by delivering high value-added products requested by individual automobile manufacturers on a just-in-time basis strictly according to each factory’s production line schedule.

We also formulate and propose assembly specifications and production preparation plans in accordance with individual customer’s design requirements and new car development plan, and support the quality assurance in the automobile production through a fully integrated system from design to delivery.

The Glass Products business, which is the core business of the Vuteq Group, was inaugurated about 50 years ago and has been acting as a catalyst for our growth. Glass assemblies that are made through various kinds of processing and assembling work according to a wide variety of applications, such as automotive products, industrial products and housing, are required to have high levels of completeness, accuracy, and precision. For over 50 years, the Vuteq Group has cultivated its technical skills and accumulated its own know-how in pursuit of more efficient production, resulting in the establishment of the Vuteq brand.

In the field of automotive glass assembly, we have grown to become the world leader.



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