Quality Team Leader

Daily Quality Communication

  • Attend Pre-Shift Meetings - Report on Outstanding:
    • Supplier Issues
    • Customer Requests
    • Scrap and Rework issues from the day before
    • QIR/QPR
  • Passdown - Communicated to management at the end of each shift via email.
  • Report to Quality Manager and/or Specialist any and all issues that pertain to "NG" conditions

Customer QIR/QPR Involvement

  • Follow QA101 - QIR-QPR Received CM & Quality Responsibility
  • Follow QA124 - QIR-QPR Countermeasure Response Flow
  • Follow QA134 - Document Responsibility and Completion Date Matrix

Check Sheet Audit and/or Sign Off

  • Critical Audits - Audits conducted monthly to confirm critical processes are followed
  • Countermeasure Audits - Audits conducted weekly to confirm that CM are followed and in place
  • Repair Check-off Sheet - results in spec and signed-off
  • On Line Function Checker and Back-up Function Checker Check Sheet - checks in place and sign-off
  • TPM Pre-Shift Check-Off Sheet
  • Critical Tool Verification Form - results in spec and signed-off
  • Level 1 Torque Chart - results in spec and signed-off
  • Air gun Torque Check sheet - results in spec an signed-off
  • Special Inspection Sheet

Critical Tools

  • Doc QA122 Critical Torque & Pokayoke Requirements - Confirm requirements are being followed
  • Torque Check - Confirm "Good" torque at each critical torque station once per shift using a calibrated torque wrench - log seq./results on torque chart
  • Pokayokes - Confirm enabled
  • Maintain Critical Tool Verification Forms - Update Discrepancy/CM fields when changing/replacing a critical tool
  • QA005 - Calibration History Log - Confirm tools used for verification are with0in calibration dates
  • QA005 - Calibration History Log - Update critical tool status when the tool location changes

Model Change Trial Runs

  • Attend Pilots training for trial builds
  • Learn "Key Points" of the IP Line

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reports

  • Defect Log and Charts
  • Supplier Defects Log and Charts
  • QIR/QPR Log and Charts
  • Scrap Log and Charts
  • Monthly Report
  • JCI Scrap
  • CPK/PPK studies as required

Signed-off training on taking Digital Torque Readings

Additional Job Responsibilities

  • Verify that the associates in the team are working safely and according to established standards.
  • Ensure the established work standards are being followed and work quantity and quality standards are being consistently met
  • May be required to fill in for PTO.
  • Review training records for team members and update accordingly as needed. Maintain proficiency in all aspects of the teams' processes and procedures. Maintain record keeping as required.
  • Communicate any production delays or problems immediately to the staff or to Vuteq management. Assist in problem solving and continuous improvement to production process.
  • Other duties as required insuring that Vuteq meets and exceeds our customer expectations and needs.