Team Leader

  • Work with Vuteq Indiana management and Senior Team Leader to meet our customer's needs and delivery schedules. Team Leader will be responsible for the workflow from the team members assigned to his/her team.
  • Verify that the team members in the team are working safely and according to established standards.
  • Ensure that established work standards are being followed and work quantity and quality standards are being consistently met.
  • Audit condition of equipment in his/her area of responsibility and report any problems or safety concerns to Vuteq management. Ensure that backup tools or equipment is ready, and repairs are made in a timely fashion. Additionally, may be required to assist in the repair of equipment to the extent of his/her ability and training.
  • Confirm attendance of team members and communicate absenteeism and tardiness to Senior Team Leader and to Vuteq management. Assist with the re-allocation of manpower to accomplish the daily job requirements.
  • Team Leader may be required to fill in for PTO, EPTO and absenteeism or tardiness.
  • Review training records for team members and update accordingly as needed. Maintain proficiency in all aspects of the team's processes and procedures. Maintain record keeping as required.
  • Communicate any production delays or problems immediately to the Senior Team Leader or to Vuteq management. Assist in problem solving and continuous improvements to production process.
  • Facilitate communication between Vuteq management and team members.
  • Fulfill other duties as required insuring that Vuteq meets and exceeds our customer expectations and needs.

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